Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Party Time!

I have to admit - I love Halloween!  It gives me a chance to dress up and be silly and eat lots of junk.... okay, sometimes that is everyday anyhow but I still love Halloween!  We were in a real neighborhood for the first time in our married lives, so we got to have a pumpkin on the porch, hand out candy, and walk down our own street.... such a joy that I took for granted growing up!  Courtesy of Grandma B. I enjoyed the night with a beautiful  "angel-fairy-princess" and a handsome astronaut.  I love it!

I feel like I look silly here, but the costume was great - Natalie put it together from the collection of her boss.... amazing!  Check out Damsel In This Dress  online sometime!

Chris got to be home this year for the whole experience - yeah!!!  He even put on token devil horns for the trunk-or-treat at church, and sported an orange shirt for Halloween night.  He loves me!

This is Elora and her friend Aiden - totally unplanned but really cute costumes together!

Grandpa Erdmann will be pround.

We even decorated cookies this year - and got to try out the new aprons that Aunt Katie made - so cute!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Summer That Forgot How to Blog....

Okay, so maybe I had a really awkward computer set up at our last house, and I hated to take the time to post pictures.... I have been chastised by many.  However, the setup has changed, and we had a very eventful summer.  So - if you are up for it - here is the longest post you will ever look at.  Enjoy!

My cousin Andra and her family came to visit and we got to visit the Santa Monica Pier with them - so much fun!

For Mother's Day I got a Nintendo Wii Fit... ok, the Wii first because Wii Fit was and is still sold out in SoCal.   What makes me laugh about this is that I am obviously not the one playing with it... :)

Elora will read anywhere!

Jackson loves to dress up like Daddy.

I think I have a picture very similar to this one of myself at this age!

First Space Chimps poster sighting!!  It was at a theatre in St. George, UT and featured Chris Bacon as composer.  Yeah!

Gotta love cuddles with Daddy...

Elora, Maddie, Jackson, and Hailey eating ice cream in Newport Beach, CA.

Off to see the wizard at the Newport Beach Temple!

Kite flying with Uncle Jason - thanks Jason!

The crew - doing our best to look like natives!

Together for the wedding of Stacey and Casey (finally!!!) at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah.

They will swim whenever possible!

This is what the Erdmann family REALLY looks like.....
And this is the picture they will hang on a wall. :)
Best buds... usually....

Still working on smiling for the camera!

It's SO hard to get her to smile normal and on purpose that I had to add this one in!

Jaydee, Jackson, Caleb, Elora, Savannah, and Mason - all the Erdmann grand-munchkins!  What I love in this one is Jackson's face as he is holding Caleb... he really has no clue what to do!

We got to ride in the paddle boat and go fishing with Grandpa Erdmann at Walsburg!  Dream come true for the kids - it was great!  They were a little freaked out when they actually caught a fish, though. :)

Jackson loved the zip line!


Yes, my return to the stage.... well, the gymnasium at least.  I played Bianca in the Stake musical production of "Kiss Me, Kate"!  Totally different experience when you have two kids.... but I would do it again!