Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playing Catch Up...

I am getting far too much grief for not updating my blog...  so here are a few pics to keep you going until I can find a more ergonomically friendly place to put my computer!

Words cannot describe how cute this was.... pics are not great, but the story is!  This is the playroom at Grandma and Grandpa Bacon's St. George house.  Jackson formed a band!  He would tap his heel and say " A 1, 2, 3, 4!" then play the guitar like a bass!  It was great!  He had Maddie on vocals, and Hailee and Elora on the maracas and tambourine.  SO CUTE!!!

All boy, this one.... falls asleep while scratching....
This is common for Elora - she loves to sit in the hall and read late at night, so we often find her here with her stories.
Look at how long her hair is getting!  Unfortunately, it's like mine - ultra straight and fine...
I couldn't find Jackson, but the drawers were empty and Elora was on her bed like she'd swallowed the canary.... she reluctantly pointed to the drawer where he was curled up and shut in as snug as a bug!

Best buds... Jackson calls her "My friend, Eella".

And I have a true girl also - she loves dress up!  That she gets from her mother. :)