Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sledding - finally!

Ever since my mom came to visit in the fall, the kids have been talking about sledding in the snow.  Finally, at Christmas, we got our chance!!  Both kids loved it - the little sleigh was very popular.  Getting back up the hill - that's another story....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Both Jackson and Elora got the chance to sit on Santa's lap at the ward Christmas Party!  Neither one would look at him though.... a sign of naughty or nice?

Jackson playing with his friends Dominic and Kai, with Aiden bringing up the rear.... he loves playing with the big boys!

Christmas morning was spent at Uncle Casey's house!  It is such a thrill to watch them tip toe down the stairs to see what Santa brought... magic for one and all!  I didn't get nearly the pictures I wanted (I was caught up in the moment).  Jackson got a scooter, and Elora a play kitchen.  We had a wonderful morning as a family - we are truly blessed.