Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Kael Christian Bacon, born November 9,2010... he hasn't made an appearance on our sad little excuse for a blog yet, so here he is! Maybe someday I will make a mad post of fun pics from our life here in Cali, but until then enjoy this beautiful photo of our new addition. Who isn't so new anymore. Sigh.


Jacobson Five said...

He's so cute! We are going to be in Cali again May 9th-13th. Maybe we can meet up again and meet your new little sweetie!

Stacey Bacon said...

Adorable!!! Love this boy :)

Myrna said...

Hello Bacon Family,

We don't know you, but we are in the Music Library at BYU and we think that Chris P. Bacon the composer is this Chris, are we right? We would like to collect your music for the library. Shoot me an email at myrna_layton@byu.edu so we can communicate about this, okay?