Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Party Time!

I have to admit - I love Halloween!  It gives me a chance to dress up and be silly and eat lots of junk.... okay, sometimes that is everyday anyhow but I still love Halloween!  We were in a real neighborhood for the first time in our married lives, so we got to have a pumpkin on the porch, hand out candy, and walk down our own street.... such a joy that I took for granted growing up!  Courtesy of Grandma B. I enjoyed the night with a beautiful  "angel-fairy-princess" and a handsome astronaut.  I love it!

I feel like I look silly here, but the costume was great - Natalie put it together from the collection of her boss.... amazing!  Check out Damsel In This Dress  online sometime!

Chris got to be home this year for the whole experience - yeah!!!  He even put on token devil horns for the trunk-or-treat at church, and sported an orange shirt for Halloween night.  He loves me!

This is Elora and her friend Aiden - totally unplanned but really cute costumes together!

Grandpa Erdmann will be pround.

We even decorated cookies this year - and got to try out the new aprons that Aunt Katie made - so cute!